FPCheck is a fingerprinting service provided by Identification International, Inc "i3" and its partners. With this service, companies are able give their personnel a simple set of instructions to complete a required fingerprint background check. The two basic steps of secure web site enrollment and fingerprint scanning implement the service. This transaction fee based service is offered for three different scenarios:

The company prefers to fingerprint only their own personnel; they can set-up an FPCheck site internal to their company for this purpose. A minimal monthly fee applies with a commitment period of at least one year. As a benefit, the company pays a lower transaction fee for these transactions.

The company prefers to fingerprint its own personnel and personnel from outside the company. In this case, the same monthly minimum and commitment period applies. However, for every outside person scanned, the company will receive a service fee from i3. This mode of operation allows the company to, at least partially, recoup their costs and perhaps even realize positive income.

The company provides the service only to personnel external to their company. In this mode, no monthly minimums apply but there are performance requirements that must be met within a 6 month timeframe. Each transaction processed by the company results in a service fee to be paid to the company.

In all cases, it is expected that the company maintaining the scanning site provide their own computer. i3 shall provide the fingerprinting hardware and software required for the remainder of the functionality. In addition, i3 shall install and train the company's personnel on proper system operation and provide first tier support as needed. The initial and on-going cost of the equipment, installation, training and support is $0 – i3 is paid from the transaction fees.

The FPCheck fingerprinting service for SWFT has been defined with information security in mind. The service protects personally identifying information "PII" and transactional information from would-be thieves.

Options for FPCheck fingerprint services for SWFT include:

Fingerprint card scanning – you send ink and paper cards to i3 for conversion and i3 securely delivers the electronic transaction back to you within two business days of the card receipt.

Fingerprinting card printing – you order a number of printed FD-258 cards for a transaction (zero cards by default) and i3 mails the cards to you within two business days of fingerprint receipt.

Detailed Workflow

Prior to using FPCheck, a company completes an enrollment package. After the enrollment is finalized, the company goes live. This graphic illustrates the production phase workflow of FPCheck for SWFT.

The steps include:

The Facility Security Officer "FSO", or their assign, navigates to the www.fpcheck.com, logs in and generates a new fingerprint transaction for the person to be fingerprint background checked, "the enrollee". During transaction creation, the FSO specifies the scan preference (internal or fingerprint card) and the number of fingerprint cards to receive. The FSO prints an enrollment receipt for the enrollee.

The FSO delivers the enrollment receipt to the enrollee. This receipt contains instructions for completing the fingerprint background check.

The enrollee follows the receipt instructions. They take their designated photo ID to a scan site identified on the receipt. Alternatively, fingerprint cards are sent to i3 as per the receipt instructions.

At the scan site, the enrollee produces their receipt and photo ID. The operator scans the receipt barcode. Using data returned from the server, the operator verifies the photo ID. The enrollee is fingerprinted and fingerprints are sent securely to the FPCheck servers.

The FPCheck servers create an EBTS file and, using the FSO's public key, the transaction is encrypted and emailed to the FSO.

The FSO receives the encrypted email attachment and using their medium security token they decrypt the transaction and place it in their SWFT submission folder. The FSO logs into SWFT and submits the transaction.

Two steps remain:

  • Potential resubmission of rejected transactions. In this case, SWFT contacts the FSO and the FSO contacts i3 with rejection details. If a re-print is required, i3 notifies the enrollee. There is no charge for the first reprint.
  • Payment for the transactions. i3 emails detailed transaction reports to the FSO once a month for their review. Within a few days after report delivery, i3 pays the company for services rendered and collects the invoiced amount. Both financial transactions are completed via ACH.

Should you have any questions about this overall process please do not hesitate to contact us using the information below.