i3 offers a variety of accessories to help you run your business better and more efficiently. These accessories can be ordered by contacting i3 directly or here by printing out the order form and faxing it to us. 

Roller bag: The specially designed i3 logo roller bag is built for the purpose of the everyday traveler providing mobile fingerprint services. It’s spacious interior has the ability to carry a laptop, your i3 live scan device, supplies, files and maybe even a change of clothes. Yet, it will fit under most airplane seats in front of you.

Scan Enhancer: i3’s scan enhancer is a block of antibacterial gel specially designed to enhance “dry fingers” for improved fingerprint scanning. No need for messy or perfumed lotions that require you to clean your live scan device after every print or fight with twisting or sliding fingers. Simply rub your fingers across the scan enhancer, rub your fingers together, and 10 seconds later you realize perfect prints without the mess.

Parkers Perfect: Keep your live scan platen from fogging in humid conditions (hot or cold) with these convenient pre-moistened towelettes. No need for extra power to heat the device platen or expensive platen covers that need frequent replacing. Simply give the glass a wipe for a halo free print every time.

Bemcott Wipes: The Bemcot S2 Wipe is an entangled nonwoven fabric which is comprised of 100% filament rayon fibers; extremely absorbent S2 wipe is comprised of a four layer pad which is sized to fit the hand and used to help clean the platen of your digID device.

Micro Fiber Cloth: i3’s microfiber towels are the newest evolution in cleaning technology. No larger than 100th of a human hair, the microfibers are woven together into a tight strand and then split into wedge-shaped filaments. There are approximately 90,000 microfibers in 1 square inch of fabric. They can hold 7 times their own weight in liquid and will not lint or scratch. Because of microfibers construction, they can be rewashed over and over again for extra added value. Microfibers also work extremely well without the use of harmful chemicals. This saves you money and helps the environment. The wedge-shaped filaments actually "pick-up" the dirt instead of pushing it around the platen surface. For a streak free shine, microfiber is the towel for a "greener" world.

4 oz. Spray Bottle of Platen Cleaner and 32 oz. Refill bottle of Platen Cleaner: i3’s ammonia free cleaner for cleaning the platen surface.

Supply Kit: The i3 supply kit is a mixture of Parkers Perfect, Scan Enhancer, Bemcot S2 Wipes, and a 4oz spray bottle of Platen Cleaner all put together in a convenient Snapware carrying case. The size of the kit is 8.5” by 11.5” x 3.5”.